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May 16, 2021, 9:35 a.m.

The Volkswagen Golf R is an extremely capable car. Were it not for the quad-exhaust tips and slightly sportier styling, you might not be able to tell it apart from your average family hatchback. Some people might call it boring. I call it a sleeper. Coming from a Focus RS mk3, I do miss the friendly waves from other owners, acknowledging that you have the same great taste in cars as them. But this subtlety could also be seen as a plus, attracting less unwanted attention. I think the end result, whilst being subtle, is very refined. Some owners may choose agressive aero to suit their style, however I prefer an OEM+ look to create something that could easily have come from the factory. To achieve this, I've made a few small cosmetic changes. First off is the gloss black Maxton Design V.6 front splitter, which fills in the central gap on the standard car, resulting in a slightly more agressive front end. You'll also notice the Revo RV018 alloys. I think this motorsport style suits the MQB platform perfectly, in terms of both style and fitment, and are a huge upgrade from the factory Cadiz alloys this car came with from the factory.

My Car History

I'm always pushing myself to improve. This mindset is particularly obvious in my car history, where after around a year of ownership I feel as though I've experienced the car and prepared myself to move on. Whilst this is good for avoiding the maintenance costs involved in owning a car long-term, you could argue that it doesn't give you a chance, as a driver, to fully connect with the car and reduces your willingness to invest in further modifications. I like to think that my current cars are different and will stay in my ownership for a while longer. The Golf R is an amazing all-round car, packing performance, practicality, comfort and decent running costs into a single package. If I had to replace it, I'm not sure what I'd go for as I can't think of another car that strikes this balance so well. The Integra, on the other hand, is an appreciating JDM performance car that is quickly becoming a modern classic. I've invested a lot of time and money on parts to let it go any time soon. I also think it is the perfect base for a track day car, feeling more special than the Civic EP3, but sharing the reliable (fingers crossed!) k20 engine, reputation for great handling and relatively affordable parts. As you've probably already worked out, I didn't start off owning two excellent performance cars, so here's the path I took to get there. First Car - VW Polo 9n3

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Project ITR: Rust!

When interested in buying a car, I always think it is worthwhile checking for common issues with the platform you are investing in. Being a Honda, the consensus seems to be that DC5 Type-Rs are reliable, so long as routine maintenance is taken care of. The Integra DC5 Type R also shares a lot of components with the EP3 Civic Type R, which whilst making most parts readily available here in the UK, it also means that it inherits some less-desirable traits of Hondas from this era, such as a tendency to rust. These rust issues are the first priority for us to address so the car is protected and lasts for years to come.

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Project ITR: Collection Day

This is it, my first project car. I’ve wanted a project for as long as I can remember. Despite restoring mini-bikes throughout my childhood and owning a few performance cars since, the circumstances never quite worked out. Until now… As the owner of a 2017 Volkswagen Golf R mk7.5, I thought a mk1 Golf project car would complement it perfectly - a modern, reliable daily driver and an interesting car for the weekends with a lot of character. So, you may be wondering why you’re looking at a Japanese import coupe here, rather than a vintage German hatchback.

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Getting Started with Automotive Showcase

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Welcome to Automotive Showcase

Tired of seeing broken links to images on forum build threads? Want more detail than a superficial Instagram snap? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Firstly, hello and welcome. My name is Matt and I’m obsessed with cars. Having grown up around motorsports and attending shows, it was inevitable that I would end up attending track days and owning a project car. For moderately sensible people, rebuilding a car would probably be a big enough challenge whilst working full-time. However, I seem to like making life difficult for myself so, at the same time, I decided to use my experience as a professional Software Engineer to create a web app to improve how car enthusiasts share their build threads. That app is Automotive Showcase. In this first post, rather than bore you with all the details, I want to take you through some of the questions that inspired me to create Automotive Showcase. I hope you enjoy using Automotive Showcase as much as I enjoyed making it. Let’s build a community - one build at a time! Matt @ Automotive Showcase Question: Why create a site for build threads when I could create one on a forum? Answer: Forums, whilst great for sharing knowledge, are now looking a little out-dated and use technology that isn’t tailored to multimedia posts. Therefore, it can be difficult as an author to create good-looking posts and as a reader to follow the story. The aim with Automotive Showcase was to create a platform for the 21st century, that makes it easy to document the progress of your build in a well-organised way and makes posts more pleasing to read with a simple but effective layout, designed specifically for build threads. Automotive Showcase also manages all the image uploads, so you should never be left with the broken links that have sadly destroyed lots of old forum threads. Question: Why should I create a build thread rather than a video or social media post? Answer: Social media posts allow you to quickly share a snapshot of your build or aspirational photo, but what you don’t see is the amount of time and effort that goes into achieving these results. On the other hand, whist videos are an engaging format, it can be difficult to search for important information and keep updated with future build progress. The intention behind Automotive Showcase was to provide an alternative that allows the progress of your build to be documented in detail and build up the story of how your project has evolved over time. There’s also something satisfying about bringing together your text and images to tell a story to the reader (or maybe that’s just me!). Question: Why create a platform for users to share their own builds? Shouldn’t articles be written by professionals? Answer: There will always be a place for professional media due to the wide audience and quality. Whilst features will always be an aspirational goal, there are only a select few who can achieve this. There are so many interesting builds out there that deserve to be shared and appreciated, but may never get this opportunity. Why wait for a professional feature when you can share your own build? Question: Why haven’t you limited Automotive Showcase to a build threads about a particular marque or model? Answer: Why are car communities segregated when we all share a common interest? Owners groups can be excellent places to find information about a particular car and to meet like-minded enthusiasts. On Automotive Showcase, you can therefore filter by the ‘tags’ you are interested in. However, I also think it is a good thing to be exposed to other groups of people car and to appreciate, respect and learn from the efforts other people put into their cars. You never know, we might see an increase in meticulously detailed track cars or high-performance show cars. Who says you can’t have it both ways?

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