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Project ITR: Rust!

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as_matt in Project ITR
April 9, 2021, 9:12 p.m.

When interested in buying a car, I always think it is worthwhile checking for common issues with the platform you are investing in. Being a Honda, the consensus seems to be that DC5 Type-Rs are reliable, so long as routine maintenance is taken care of. The Integra DC5 Type R also shares a lot of components with the EP3 Civic Type R, which whilst making most parts readily available here in the UK, it also means that it inherits some less-desirable traits of Hondas from this era, such as a tendency to rust. These rust issues are the first priority for us to address so the car is protected and lasts for years to come.

Project ITR: Collection Day

This is it, my first project car. I’ve wanted a project for as long as I can remember. Despite restoring mini-bikes throughout my childhood and owning a few performance cars since, the circumstances never quite worked out. Until now… As the owner of a 2017 Volkswagen Golf R mk7.5, I thought a mk1 Golf project car would complement it perfectly - a modern, reliable daily driver and an interesting car for the weekends with a lot of character. So, you may be wondering why you’re looking at a Japanese import coupe here, rather than a vintage German hatchback.

as_matt in Project ITR 2 months ago